With Love, Atatürk

With love, Atatürk

2013, sticker

“Charismatic leaders have an exceptional and a deep influence on their followers. The followers perceive their leader’s believes as ‘true’, accept him unquestionably and obey him willingly and sincerely. They have compassion and affection to these leaders and commit themselves to the mission of the group or the organization.” House’s Theory of Charismatic Leadership, Prof. Dr. Tanıl Kılınç


This work deals with the blind faith to the leaders and the issues that it causes such as nationalism and fanaticism. For this project, I’ve placed the sticker autographs of Atatürk, founder of the Turkish Republic, on signboards and ordinary writings on the walls. It aims to show the ridiculousness and the danger of the importance that any kind of word can gain when its said by an important person.