All My Eyes

2012, 04’40’’, Documentary


When you lose your sight, does it mean that you don’t see anymore or you discover the other ‘ways of seeing’? A short and intense glimpse at daily experiences of Aydın, who has an all-new perception of things since three years.

Produced in the framework of “Health Art Mobilises Goslar” residency/workshop, organised by Bildungshaus Zeppelin and European Union Grundtvig Programme in Goslar, Germany.

Screenings & Awards

– Goslarer Museum, Goslar, Germany, 2012

– The First and the Last International Experimental Film Festival, Sydney,

Australia, 2013

– Engelsiz International Film Festival, Istanbul, Turkey, 2013, Special Jury Award

– IFSAK Short & Documentary Film Festival, Istanbul, Turkey, 2013